The Twin Cities is a literal melting pot of amazing musicians and singers. I consider myself blessed to be among them. Here are some friends, as well as, artists that I am a fan of.

First, a song that's always stuck with me. With an updated production and the right vocalist, this song could be...well, a Big hit! Huge hook and timeless lyrics. Co-written by my long-time friend Pat DeRemer and his songwriting business partner in the 80's, Roy Freland. The killer demo vocal is Nashville veteran and first tenor phenom, Gene Miller who plays and sings w/Amy Grant and Vince Gill.

'Language of love'

Margaret Cox:

The late Steve Raitt (Bonnie's brother)

The late Doug Maynard with Geoff Bouchier, (guitar) Bobby Vandell, (drums) Dik Hedlund, (bass) John Della Selva,  (guitar) Melanie Rosales and Margaret Cox (BV) FUNKY!

St. Paul Peterson w/fdeluxe  "Sanctified"  FUNKY!

Serenity prayer project with Billy McLaughin, Nate Sabin and host of others:

Kenny Holmen, Dave Barry and Donnie Lamarca, Shaun Labelle, Stokley Williams, Daryl Boudreau with Jeff Lorber

Hitchville: Heidi Owens, Matt Keefe & crew:

Rocket Club:  North Country, killer tune

Stevie Greenberg and Lipps Inc (Funkytown)

Rick Barron and The Living Daylights:

"Don't turn away"  Easily one of the best vocals recorded. Jesus song....

Patty Peterson:

Renee Austin: 

Mark Lickteig:

Mick Sterling:

Cate Fierro:

Wayne Culinan:

Andy Kotz, killer guitarist:

Lisa Keith:

Craig T. Olson:   "The" velvet voice.

On this one, grab a glass of red wine. Recorded live with Jeff Carver. Mint!

Finally, a word of thanks: Everyone needs inspiration. My older brother had a party in the late 60's at our parents basement In Minnetonka with a band made up of some friends of his called "Killing Floor." (A great band) The members were Bruce Miller on lead vocals, Scott Bolin on keyboards, Tom Wolfe on guitar, Mike Roberts on bass, and Dinky Roberts on drums. (Sadly, Dinky died in his sleep before graduating from Minnetonka High School) 

Learning tunes off albums note for note, riff for riff is a real gift, and they had it in a big way. Watching them perform Blue-eyed soul tunes really jacked me up to play professionally.